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WZZM 13 – From Stepmom to Starter Wife & Now The After Wife

Posted in: Blog, Press- Jul 13, 2012 5 Comments

Check it out here.

5 Responses to “WZZM 13 – From Stepmom to Starter Wife & Now The After Wife”

  1. Reply Meg McKenzie says:

    “The After Wife” was such a delightful surprise — so extremely funny (and touching, sometimes). But mainly just really, really laugh out loud warm and delightful. It got me through the holidays! thank you, (And I just watched that interview with the wzzm gal again (to get rid of the ‘buffering’) and saw that the interview lady in that striped thing DOES have two arms. i was feeling very sorry for her, as a single amputee (i guess she was holding her mike cord behind her or something). Anyway, I do hope the production deal works out. And that Hannah ends up with Detective Ramirez. Much hotter than Tom.
    All the best, Meg

    • Reply gigi says:

      Hi, Meg!

      So happy that you liked The After Wife! And I’m glad you cleared up the mystery of the interviewer :). I hope all is well with you and that this new year treats you with kindness and joy. I like Detective Ramirez, too! Ha!



  2. Reply Joanne says:

    I just finished reading the after wife. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t know if I would be able to get through it after the first chapter. My husband died 4 years ago his name was John l spent the first two days in his bathrobe. It was like you were writing about my life. I am so glad l decided to keep reading. Excellent book.

    • Reply gigi says:

      Hi, Joanne,

      I was so touched by your letter. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me – I am truly grateful, and I hope that you’re doing well. xoGigi

      • Reply Joanne says:


        You are welcome I felt compelled to share with you. 4 years later I am doing well, thank you. John’s death was sudden as well (heart attack at 56) like your character in the book and it has been and interesting and at times funny ride for me.

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