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Two Days Without Food or Water…I mean, a Phone

Posted in: Blog- Apr 27, 2012 2 Comments

So. Some of you may know that my Blackberry chose to end its short, turbulent life by jumping into my bath the other afternoon (I know that “afternoon bath” equals bragging – but I was so excited to sneak away!). Thug the Elder was at baseball practice (endlessly at baseball practice). Thug the Younger was at a playdate with a friend getting to know a new video game called Skylanders – which is basically short for “How else do I bankrupt Mommy, besides with the usual baseball bags, football cleats, Nike socks, etcetera.?”  This meant, dear reader, that I had an hour or so to myself.

Bath, Epsom Salts, hydrogen peroxide (I have germ, um, issues – you would, too, if you had two large boys living with you.) here I come.

My Blackberry didn’t leave a note. I thought I had saved it – I did everything I could. I used a blow-dryer on it, at low setting, I put it in a bag of rice (Thug the Y took issue with this – I asked him if he’d ever heard of “dirty rice”. I have an answer for everything…)

The rice got into all the Blackberry nooks and crannies – I didn’t realize there were so many – and, didn’t work. At all. I thought of taking it out and shooting it – but I realized a proper burial, and a working sim card, made more sense.

For the next two days, for one reason or another, I was not able to get to the ATT Store. And slowly, very slowly, I made peace with being out of reach. Was the school nurse trying to call me? Doubtful. Was there a work emergency? Hey, I’m a writer – I AM the emergency. I was reliving the early 90’s – without Madonna – and I was loving it. I felt more rested. My brain, without having to tap buttons incessantly, could relax.

Maybe I would live. Maybe I would even…enjoy being out of touch.

I’m going to try this – once a week I’m going to give myself a techno-break. I’m going to leave my phone at home (very hard for this helicopter mom to do) for a few hours.

But don’t worry – I’ll get back to you!


2 Responses to “Two Days Without Food or Water…I mean, a Phone”

  1. Reply N. Pfister says:

    Two days without a phone sounds just fine to me. The only thing better would be three days w/o a phone or four w/o a computer.

    I recently suffered from an annoying, painful illness (neither terminal nor contagious). A friend gave me a copy of The Starter Wife to distract me from my ailments. Distract it did, for which I thank you. I don’t know how I’ve lived to be 77 without knowing your work. I was so thoroughly engrossed and entertained by The Starter Wife I confess to malingering towrads recovery. You have been an extremely bad influence on my life. I could not be more grateful.

    • Reply gigi says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your recent illness! And I’m so grateful to you for your note – and if The Starter Wife made your recovery a little more pleasant, I’m grateful for that, as well. Thank you, and I wish you all the best! xoGigi

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