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For Book Clubs

Posted in: Blog, Book Clubs- Jun 12, 2012 11 Comments

Dear Book Club Members,
First of all, hello, and I love what you’re wearing. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do, after my writing is done, and my new book is out, is to meet readers, especially book clubs. I’ve visited and overstayed my welcome (cupcakes were the culprit) and chatted on the telephone with a group while I was cooking Sloppy Joes for my two boys. I love meeting new people – especially readers – of all ages and backgrounds. I love talking about my books and spilling Hollywood secrets – but I also love discussing issues that touch all of us as women, as mothers, wives, ex-wives(!), dachshund owners (I’m the proud owner of the mini variety), and friends. I’m a single mom trying my best to raise two healthy boys – I call them Thug the Elder and Thug the Younger (I can show you pictures…), have a career, give back, get to bed at a reasonable hour (meaning after 8:00) and age somewhat gracefully (does anyone have a scalpel?)
I would love to navigate these treacherous waters with you, your group, and a bottle of Pinot Noir. If anyone has an autographed photo of Paul Rudd, that wouldn’t hurt, either.
What I promise is it won’t be a dull time – especially if there are cupcakes involved.
If you’re a member of a book club, and you’ve chosen one of my books and would like for me to visit your group, please contact me through my website, or through Twitter or Facebook. Let’s chat! I promise to get back to you. Just probably not after 8:00 at night.

11 Responses to “For Book Clubs”

  1. Reply Alida Torrence says:

    Your book The Starter Wife got me through a very difficult first summer vacation with my children after just separating earlier in the year. As always I take a “related” read with me when I travel….Le Divorce when I went to Paris, one of Pat Conroy’s books when going to the South, Hill Towns for Italy (and 1000 Days in Venice) but…you get the picture. So….I needed a book for my vacation with my children as I said right after separating…a little down and a bit scared. I couldn’t have picked a better book. While lazing in the pool I was approached by a southern belle who said “what are you reading girlfriend…it sure sounds good”…when I related the clogged drain shower incident wherein it is one of the clues your husband is leaving…she very politely backed away and she never talked to me again (she was tres boring). When my daughter joined us she had seen the mini series (I had not) and I started reading to her at night when we went to bed…..loved it and so did she….she just grew tired of my uncontrollable laughing and the delay it caused in my reading to her.
    So….when I saw you had a new book out it was like an early birthday present,,,,so excited….I went straight to the computer to see when it was due. That’s when I saw this opportunity to meet you and have you visit our newly formed book club. We have our meeting in August and everyone is supposed to bring their suggestions for upcoming books to read. Yours is my NUMBER 1!!! How exciting it would be if I could also announce that you would be our future guest!!!! So…..I am hoping you will seriously consider our book club meeting as one you will put on your list. I would so like to meet you having read not only The Starter Wife but your other books as well. Please say YES!!! Did I mention all the gourmet cupcakes you can eat along with Pinot Noir (my favorite red) and perhaps a bit of bubbly (Champagne—love it!). We are in the suburbs of Philadelphia just about 20 minutes out….I live in Rose Valley which is a small borough with a fabulous history and the Hedgerow Theatre….more about that later. We are less than 5 minutes from Swarthmore (home of Swarthmore college). My cell phone is 610-368-9701 and I want to thank you so much for considering my request. I am gushing here but I truly hope to hear back from you….this would be such a fabulous experience getting to meet you and discuss your books. Oh….and if selected I will do my best to produce one autographed photo of Paul Rudd!
    Alida Torrence

    • Reply gigi says:

      Hi, Alida!

      Wow – what a nice letter – thank you so much! I am so pleased that you found The Starter Wife to be of comfort. As a writer, it’s always great to hear from readers when you get something right : ).

      I’m trying to figure out my schedule with kids in August – we were in Philadelphia awhile back for one of our baseball tours – I absolutely loved the city, even though it was 106 degrees! You have a sense of history there that evades us here in SoCal. My boys loved the city, as well – and the Phillies.

      I’m not sure if I can fly out – but I can certainly visit via Skype (once I figure it out – I know, I know! I’m behind on technology, always). If I use FaceTime, I may want to visit the plastic surgeon immediately afterwards!

      I will give you a call – how’s that?

      I’m still looking for an L.A. version of Paul Rudd -wish me luck!



  2. Reply Alida Torrence says:

    Please let me know if my Book Club Request was submitted correctly!
    Alida Torrence

  3. Reply mary morigaki says:

    hi gigi,
    great hearing your speak at PAGES last thursday! haven’t read maneater but am going to the library today to find the book.

    have a great summer!

    • Reply gigi says:

      Mary, I am so glad you were there! You really were a touchstone for me in the audience – I truly appreciated your comments. And your yellow purse!

      Enjoy Maneater – it is a trip!

      Let me know what you think after you’ve read…

      Have a wonderful summer!


  4. Reply Sue says:

    Hi, I love your books! They are so entertaining and touching at the same time. Do you have any plans for a book tour to the east coast?



    • Reply gigi says:

      Hi, Sue – I haven’t toured the east coast yet – but I have a book out in October, so I’m crossing my fingers! Thanks for writing! Gigi

  5. Reply Glenda Shaw says:


    Our book club would love to have you as a guest! Ideally, we would like to see you in person. We meet in Woodland Hills, in the west end of the San Fernando Valley, or we could use speakerphone. What are you doing March 27, 2013 around 7:oo? We would like to have you for dinner and discussion. If you woud like to skip dinner we can call you at 7:30.

    If you are not available on that day, we are flexible, and we can meet according to your schedule.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Glenda Shaw

    • Reply gigi says:

      Hi, Glenda!

      I’m so sorry I didn’t write you earlier – kids, dogs, dinner, exes, work – you know the drill! Would love to chat with your book club. Let me check my schedule – I will get back to you soon! Thank you! Gigi

  6. Reply Sonia says:

    Hi I am from Malaysia. Got hooked on your books ever since I read Maneater. You have a huge fan base here and your books in bookshops here are always sold out.we watched the starter wife on tv here and my girlfriends and I loved it! How long does it take for you to write a book? Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  7. Reply Jackie says:

    Wondering if you would be willing to donate a signed book for our upcoming auction. All proceeds to go to our PreK-8th grade school, we are a non-profit. If you are interested I can email you more information about our event as well as our 501-C3 tax information, as all donations are tax deductible. If you could email me or point me in the direction of your publishing house I would greatly appreciate it!!


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