Hollywood … according to GIGI

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  On women in L.A…are they a unique breed? “First of all, they’re blond. Even if they’re brunettes, they’re blonde at heart. You can’t grow up or live in L.A. and not think of yourself as a blonde or potential blonde – it’s impossible when they’re all around you like flaxen-haired flies.”And compared to women […]

The Seven Stages of a Hollywood Marriage

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The Seven Stages of a Hollywood Marriage from THE STARTER WIFE by Gigi Levangie Grazer STAGE ONE : Date the up-and-comer. STAGE TWO : Marry the aforementioned. STAGE THREE : Swear you won’t give up your career. STAGE FOUR : Give up your career when the burdens of being on what feels like thousands of charity boards becomes overwhelming. STAGE […]

Friday Night

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Hi there…I think this is my first blog for my website. I’m not much of a blogger. I wrote a few for the Huffington Post (or maybe it was just two), but since I write books and screenplays and notes around the house, I figure I’ve done enough writing. I figured wrong. I’m always on […]

Monday morning-ish.

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So it’s not Monday morning. It’s after noon. Whatever. I’ve worked my 1,000 words a day ( although I did count my daily log) so I’m probably flubbing by about 50, 60 words. I don’t care. Yesterday was a wash. No writing at all. Saints/Vikings game instead and a fantastic photo shoot for a World […]

Beyond Excited!

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I’m heading to the RuPaul Drag Race Premiere Party tonight, yay, me! It’s only the dream of a lifetime for a Hollywood girl. Here’s my problem, I’m wearing a leopard print Cavalli, and yet, I’m sure I’m going to be the most masculine-looking thing there. Seriously. These girls put me to shame, it took a […]