A Christmas Ball

Posted in: Blog- Dec 24, 2012 16 Comments

My husband filed for divorce the day after I dressed up in Dolce Gabbana and told Matt Lauer that our marriage was stronger than ever. My bad. He moved out to our home in Malibu that weekend. Our two boys and I remained in our secluded, gated Palisades estate in a neighborhood filled with movie […]

For Book Clubs

Posted in: Blog, Book Clubs- Jun 12, 2012 11 Comments

Dear Book Club Members, First of all, hello, and I love what you’re wearing. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do, after my writing is done, and my new book is out, is to meet readers, especially book clubs. I’ve visited and overstayed my welcome (cupcakes were the culprit) and chatted on the telephone […]

Thoughts on a Mother’s Life

Posted in: Blog- May 20, 2012 1 Comment

I didn’t know Mary Richardson Kennedy, but I’d met her several times. And before I’d met her, I’d heard of her. At the time, I was married and drawn into a group of women, mainly Hollywood wives, who’d formed an environmental lobby. They spoke of her in terms designated for saints. She was a striking […]