The Starter Wife

Gracie Pollock seems to have it all. Her handsome, successful husband is president of Durango Studios, they have their usual corner table at the Ivy at the Shore, and they were dubbed called “The Power Couple” in L.A. Confidential magazine. They live in a multi-million dollar mansion in Brentwood and have a beautiful daughter Jaden (named after Will Smith’s child to suck up to him and Jada). Although Gracie misses her career as a children’s book writer and sometimes questions the shallowness of their lifestyle, she’s fully absorbed in her life as “Wife of.” She never sees it coming when her husband dumps her – via Cingular Wireless no less – just shy of their ten-year anniversary (“I’ve been Cruised” – as in Tom Cruise – she says) and she finds herself living the worst fear of every Mrs. in Hollywood: Gracie has become a mere Starter Wife.